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day ticket-voucher/guest ticket

The voucher needs no contact details and serves as entrance ticket. It can not be redeemed online and it is not necessary to replace the voucher by an entrance ticket at the pay desk. The redeemed vouchers are explicit related to your company with the help of the voucher numbers.
pieces are EUR 4,50 + VAT / each

You receive an internet code via e-mail. This code can be redeemed into a pdf file in our online shop. The printed ticket should be brought to the exhibition. There is no need to change this ticket at the box office. The used tickets will be assigned to your company on the basis of the internet code.
pieces are EUR 4,50 + VAT / each

You will receive the requested amount of vouchers and internet codes free of charge. The vouchers are anonymous but numbered and explicit related to your company. After HAM RADIO you will receive an invoice with the amount of the redeemed vouchers. We will only charge those vouchers whose bar code had been read at the entrance..

Please be aware that admission with a guest-ticket is only possible from 9:00a.m..

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