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Exhibitor comments 2016

Steffen Schöppe, Chairman of DARC, The German Amateur Radio Club:
“The mood at the Ham Radio 2016 was very good. We really brought the motto ‘Amateur radio - On land, on water and in the air’ to life, the lecture program was booked solid and seems to have gone over very well. Amateur radio fans really place great value on personal contact. They come here to see old friends and meet new people who they have only spoken to by radio until now.”

Hans Hilberling, Executive Director, Hilberling:
“The show was interesting and successful. We are satisfied with the visitor numbers. People especially noticed our new linear amplifier. It was finished and ready for delivery just before the show.”

Gerold Geipert, Vice President of Sales, Hytera:
“It was very, very crowded here, our stand got a lot of traffic and we had a lot of interest. Amateur radio enthusiasts are highly interested in everything that we offer. The effort that we put in for the Ham Radio is justified. We belong here and are well received. Our sales figures are also respectable.”

Frank Strauch, Sales, ICOM:
“We are very satisfied with the flood of visitors. The decision to spotlight our new model IC-7300 was a good one, everyone has been very encouraging. The model was brought onto the market this spring, so here people had the first opportunity to try it out directly and play around on it.”

Kazue Shimoda, Managing Director, Luso Super Techno:
“This year we, for the first time we set up our transmission tower so that you can see how it moves. Because of that, we had a lot more visitors at our stand, which made us very happy, of course.”

Øivind Gundersen, Managing Director, Eidlon:
“We exhibited at the Ham Radio for the first time and are very satisfied. The show exceeded our expectations. The visitors were so interested in our new products that we even ran out of product brochures. We will gladly come back next year.”

Paul Bigwood, Technical Sales Manager UK, Yaesu:
“The show went very well for us. This year, we decided to give a presentation and we were very satisfied with the result. Friedrichshafen is like Europe’s Dayton for us: The Ham Radio is extremely international. Everyone here comes from all over the world – we even had visitors from Australia at our stand. The show has an excellent reputation; it is very important for us to be here.”

Horst Fichtlscherer, Founder and Technical Director, hofi HF-Technik GmbH & Co. KG:
“We have been at the Ham Radio for more than 35 years and are always satisfied with our appearance here. We meet very qualified visitors here and can show them who we are. Our appearance here is primarily representative in nature and serves as an information platform for our high quality products. Over the years, we have not only been able to establish contacts to amateur radio operators but also to acquire business customers.”