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Neue Messe 1
88046 Friedrichshafen
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Hall overview 2018

Floor 0
Floor 1


Main entrance via Rothaus Hall / A1 (during complete duration of exhibition)

and via Foyer East (during complete duration of exhibition)
side entrance via Foyer West (during complete duration of exhibition)

Rothaus Hall / A1

HAM RADIO Exhibitor and Associations

Hall A2

Lecture rooms

Hall A3

HAM Flea Market

Hall A4

HAM Flea Market

Hall A5

Maker Faire Bodensee | June 25 - 26, 2016

Hall A6

HAM tent camp

Conference Centre West

67th DARC Lake Constance Meeting, HAM RALLYE - Friday and Saturday

Conference Centre East

67th DARC Lake Constance Meeting

P East 2

Parking spaces for campers and caravans