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Exhibitors and associations provide a comprehensive overview of the market

From July 14 - 16, 2017 HAMs and electronic enthusiasts from all over the world will meet again in Friedrichshafen.

Facts and figures 2016:

  • 198 exhibitors from 36 countries worldwide
  • 17.230 visitors from all continents attended HAM RADIO and Maker Faire Bodensee
  • Europe’s largest professional amateur radio flea market with 319 participants from 25 countries

The following subjects will form the main focus of attention at the HAM RADIO 2017:

  • Big affair in 2017: Germany plays host to the world
  • Activities for children and teenagers with the HAM RALLYE and the youth tent camp
  • Instruction and further education for amateur radio enthusiasts
  • 68th Lake Constance Meeting with lectures and numerous meetings
  • Parallel running event Maker Faire Bodensee