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On the same wavelength: Fans of amateur radio from all over the world will meet at the Ham Radio

26.04.2016 | 

They feel most home on long and short waves, some try and make contact in the air, but many of them meet at least once a year on land. We’re talking about amateur radio enthusiasts from all over the world. As Europe’s leading amateur radio exhibition, the Ham Radio, taking place in Friedrichshafen from June 24 to 26, 2016, will serve as an international platform where enthusiasts can meet, share experiences, and get to know one another. About 200 exhibitors and associations from 34 countries will present their products and trends from the world of radio and telegraphy at the 41st amateur radio exhibition. The German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) has selected “Amateur radio - On land, on water and in the air” as the motto for its 67th Lake Constance Meeting, reflecting the diversity of the hobby.

“The Ham Radio is Europe’s most important amateur radio exhibition. This year it will again live up to its reputation as the primary address for amateur radio enthusiasts by combining a diverse supporting program with a high quality selection of products,” says a confident Klaus Wellmann, Messe Friedrichshafen CEO. The 41st edition of the Ham Radio will show off a wide selection of electronics and equipment for techies and amateur radio enthusiasts in four halls, ranging from antennas and instrumentation to hardware and software. A broad range of well-known exhibitors such as Wimo, Icom, Hilberling, Yaesu, Hofi, Difona, Winradio, Box 73, Optibeam, UKW-Berichte, CSY, Luso, Hummel, RF-Power and Kenwood will present their latest product innovations and tempt customers to shop. “In addition to the large number of well-known and respected companies that have been at the Ham Radio for many years, we have been able to gain several new exhibitors from the fields of electronics and antennas,” project leader Petra Rathgeber reports. This means that we will again be able to present visitors with a first-class technical exhibition featuring a wide diversity of products. The flea market is also a true treasure trove of finds for all electronics tinkerers and developers.

DARC Motto: “On land, on water and in the air”

The broad spectrum of the fascinating hobby of amateur radio is reflected in this year’s motto for the 41th edition of the show, which was selected by DARC, the conceptual sponsor of the HAM Radio. “There are as many different ways to operate amateur radio as there are places from which you can send radio transmissions: On land, on water and in the air,” explains DARC press spokeswoman Stephanie Heine. In this context, DARC has invited amateur radio enthusiasts to participate in a photo competition and is looking for images that show the many unusual places where amateur radio can be operated. “For example, one member equipped his paraglider with an amateur radio station and sent us a spectacular photo from it,” Heine explains. The best images in the categories of “on land”, “on water” and “in the air” will be on display in the West Foyer during the Ham Radio and prizes will be awarded to the winning photos on the Saturday of the show.

Antarctic exhibition: Radio in the land of eternal ice

The Antarctic, one unusual place where amateur radio enthusiasts can be found, is the subject of the Antarctic exhibition at the fairgrounds. Photos provide insights into the year-round research station at the Ekström ice shelf, whose staff often includes amateur radio operators. Particularly in Antarctic winter, when activities at the station are reduced, the researchers like to spend their free time with a radio in hand, sending coveted QSL cards around the world.

Foxoring competition: A fox hunt around the fairgrounds

Participants in the Foxoring competition will meet on the Sunday of the show for a sporting kind of amateur radio. In the forest near the fairgrounds, the participants in the Foxoring (fox hunt) competition will attempt to complete the preset course and locate the most transmitters as fast as possible. The victors will be crowned immediately after the race. Interested parties can sign up at the Ham Radio itself, in the West Foyer.

Ham camp: Three days of round-the-clock exhibition fun

The beloved youth camp, organized by Messe Friedrichshafen and DARC, offers exciting days and nights at the Ham Radio. Young amateur radio operators (max. age 27) will spend three nights at the heart of the action, where they will get to meet people their own age who share the same hobby. After the show is over for the day, activities will be offered at the camp including a goal-shooting contest, go-kart racing and radio operations training. Registration opens May 2 and ends June 10. Additional information and registration are available at www.hamcamp.de.

Ham Rally - The next generation goes on a tour of discovery

At the Ham Rally, the next generation will have the chance to explore the world of technology and long and short waves. All young people between the ages of 8 and 18 who are interested in having fun while getting to know the world of amateur radio are invited to participate in the tour. On Friday, June 24 and Saturday, June 25, in the Rothaushalle (Hall A1), navigation, radio location and transmission activities will be offered at several different stations.

Teacher training courses - amateur radio at schools can contribute to global understanding

For the ninth time, a teacher training course for participants from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland will take place on the Friday of the Ham Radio. At the free course, teachers will attend presentations and workshops where they will learn how they can bring students closer to electronics and information technology in natural science and technical engineering classes in a practical way. This year’s theme is “The natural sciences and the environment in STEM teaching - a contribution to global understanding.” The continuing education program for teachers has been designed in a cooperative effort between the DARC and the Working Group on Amateur Radio and Telecommunications in Schools (AATiS). Questions and registration inquiries should be sent by e-mail to schule@darc.de.

Contest University for beginners and pros

The Contest University is an integral part of the Ham Radio. This continuing education course will take place on the Friday of the show and is intended to generate and create new enthusiasm for amateur radio competition. Beginners can gain basic knowledge about contests and competitions. But even experienced long and shortwave pros can get tips on how to improve their competition performance. Registration for the event is requested at www.darc.de.

Maker Faire Sister Event

Tinkering, experimenting and making it yourself: That is the focus of the Maker Faire, which will take place at the same time as the HAM RADIO for the third year in a row. On Saturday and Sunday, creative minds and tinkerers will be able to get ideas and find accessories from about 60 exhibitors. The tinkering, experimenting and make-it-yourself event will present a range of surprising products, home-made devices and tinkering ideas, ranging from case modding, when off-the-shelf computers are individually redesigned, to upcycling, when old objects are given new purposes.

Opening times and motor home parking

Messe Friedrichshafen offers the visitors the opportunity to spend the night at a motor home parking space close to the exhibition, subject to availability. The Ham Radio takes place from Friday, June 24 until Sunday, June 26, 2016 in Friedrichshafen. The Maker Faire will open its doors from Saturday, June 25, to Sunday, June 26. Daily passes cost 9 Euros, or 8 Euros in advance. A three day pass is available for 20 Euros or 18 Euros in advance. The passes grant visitors access to both events.