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24. Juni 2023, 16:00

Measuring radiation efficiency of electrically small, automotive-on the move, short-wave antennas, including lessons learned for restricted space antennas (160/80/40m) optimization

Referent: Dr. Diethard (Andy) Hansen (Ph.D.), HB9CVQ, DK2VQ, AK4IG
Halle A2 - Raum 2

There are direct implications of this, aside from Military/ Special-Forces/ Government, in mobile HAM RADIO and NGOs. Humanitarian-medical-technical crisis-relief organizations, with mission critical emergency communication needs, possibly in remote disaster areas, may also profit from our practical R&D.

  1. Motivation, Background, R&D Project Goals
  2. State of the Art in HAM RADIO and Commercial +(Mil) ESA (Electrically Small Antennas)
  3. Some Basic underlaying EM-Physics/Theory of ESA (Verticals, Loops)
  4. Methods of Testing Antenna Radiation-Efficiency, go/no-go Metrology.
  5. Need for Professional Simulations (Model: interaction Car, Tires, ESA, Soil, etc.)
  6. Creating 160/80/40m ESA Reference-Antennas, comparing Simulation and Testing
  7. Absolute “Gain” comparison by means of predictable Reference-Antennas (using EMSimulations)
  8. Experimental Radiation -Efficiency Antenna-Comparison (commercial/homemade -ant. ranking)
  9. Resulting Antenna-Efficiency impacting factors (soil on low bands, elevation angle, design etc.)
  10. Lessons learned for restricted space antenna locations, HOA and portable-QTH.
  11. Conclusions, Project Outlook (future R&D topics), open Literature
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