Mastrant Lightweight Rope Winder

Stand A1-400

The Mastrant Rope Winder can be used on diameters from 1 mm to approx. 6 mm. It is designed to allow the rope to be wound in a figure 8 shape to prevent twisting and looping. Various holes on its side designed to conveniently catch and secure the ends of the rope, or a carabiner or other termination element. The hole in the middle is used to hold with one hand the winder when unwinding the rope - it can be unwound very easily with a simple pull (the winder swings and allows the individual loops of the rope to be released). The winder is made of 2 mm aluminium sheet, which is both light and strong enough. Capacity: rope 3 mm about 50 m, 4 mm about 30 m, 5 mm about 22 m.