The World Radio League: Bringing Amateur Radio to the 21st Century (Engl.)

Amateur Radio is defined by its advances, and how we utilize and employ new technologies. One fact of the hobby that has been slow to adopt this is all the operating support systems, such as logbooks, awards platforms, and contact analytics systems. The World Radio League (WRL) is the latest and greatest in amateur radio technology, bringing 21st century technological advances to the field of amateur radio operating. WRL’s advanced features such as cloud based logging, real time analytics on your operating trends, and easy ways to share your operating with the world turns keeping a logbook from an annoying process to a journey. With the modern software development practices put in place by the WRL team, every single new feature is meticulously specced, developed, and launched, every bug fix is thoroughly vetted, and all user feedback is seriously considered for its merits.
Freitag, 28.06.2024
12:00 - 13:00 Uhr
Raum Schweiz, Konferenzzentrum West
The World Radio League is the latest technological advancement in Amateur Radio Technology, featuring cloud based logbook hosting, a real time data analytics suite, and bleeding edge logging technology. Join Max Freedman, N4ML, of the World Radio League as he shows off this technology, the World Radio League, and future developments from the WRL team.


Max Freedman